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PNB Parivar HRMS:

It is no doubt that as days go by, technology is advancing rapidly. So it makes it necessary for the companies and organizations to keep up with the pace of the technology to keep up with the trends. One of the most preferred banks in India is the Punjab National Bank– One of the banks that keeps its system updated and compatible with the latest technology called PNB Parivar HRMS.

You might not  be aware of the PNB Parivar. Several members of this scheme were initially surprised by the choice of name. It is nothing but a part of the PNB Family. The PNB HRMS is an initiative by the Punjab National Bank ‘PARIVAR’ to their employees by which they can access the benefits and the advantages provided by them.

The PNB has changed and made many modifications during their service period. All these modifications were noticed by the employees in PNB. Among all the other banks, PNB always takes an extra step and goes an extra mile to provide the best of service to their customers and also providing an incredible user experience in their platform to their employees and their staff.

PNB Portal HRMS Login

Currently, every organization has their own internet and working systems for their employees. Some of the other banks who provides HRMS Facilities are SBI, UCO and etc. In the same way Punjab National Bank provides an incredible system to its employees and their staff called PNB Parivar HRMS.

Login process for PNB Parivar HRMS:

Logging in to the PNB Parivar portal is very simple. All their employees, staff and also the retired staff of Punjab National Bank can easily login to this portal by using their Date of Birth and PF number.

One can use all the facilities and the services offered by PNB just by logging into the portal.

Below is the process for an easy login process to the portal.

  1. First, visit the PNB Parivar HRMS official website. You can click this link to visit the site
PNB Parivar HRMS
PNB Parivar HRMS

 2. Now you will find “Click here to log in to HRMS” on the same page. Now click on that and it will direct you to the next page.


3. Next, you will be asked to enter your password and the User ID.  Also provide your PF number. Then click on the login button.

4. In a couple of seconds you will be simply logged into the PNB Parivar HRMS portal. Now you are ready to explore and access the services.

Services provided by the PNB Parivar HRMS portal

The PNB Parivar HRMS login Portal provides multiple services.As it is not possible to explain all the services in the article, we are highlighting only a few that are open to everyone. To avail the services, you will simply have to login

  • Salary Slip:

 The PNB employees and staff can access their monthly salary slip and also save it in the form of PDF. Using this facility you can access all your credits and debit details. You can call the admin section to enquire if you find errors in the Salary slip.

  • Loan Status:

Anyone can apply and receive a loan from Punjab National Bank. But if you are an employee of the PNB you can quickly  keep a track of your loan and check your loan status online. You will get all the important details about your loan.

  • Pension Slip:

PNB Parivar HRMS service is also provided to the retired staff of Punjab National Bank. The retiree can view their pension slip on their mobile using this portal. Using this portal is time saving. Saves from one visiting their office to  know about the pension details and the credits and debit details.

  • Bank Holidays:

All the banking holidays in the current year and the upcoming year can be viewed with the help of this portal. This helps to plan all your activities.

  • Nomination Application:

If you have not nominated anyone then you can choose the nomination option. All you have to do is just login to PNB portal and fill in the application form and then submit it to the main branch of the bank.

  • Applying 4 in 1:

Another option that is available on this portal is the 4 in 1. It is one of the most simple and the easiest processes that you can access.

Some of the services provided by this PNB Portal are Bank Statements, Previous Transactions, Account Details and many more facilities.

Benefits of the PNB Parivar HRMS login portal?

All the details and the important information of the staff or the employees of PNB is available on the PNB HRMS platform. There is no need of asking anyone about anyone’s posting or any notice related query.

Follow the steps below to know the benefits of this portal.

Once you login you can see the results. You can also read all the internal notices. That is the notice board to update yourself. All the details about an individual such as Transfer or Posting and results can be viewed too.

Steps to login into the PNB Parivar HRMS mobile Application:

As most of the PNB employees or staff use the mobile application Punjab National Bank which also has an Android Application by which one can log in to the HRMS portal.

There are few steps by following you can log in to the PNB Parivar HRMS mobile application:

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Search for PNB Parivar“.

PNB Parivar Mobile Application
PNB Parivar Mobile Application

3. Click on the download option once you find the application.

4. You can also click on this link to download the application. PNB Parivar

5. Once the download is complete, install the application on your device.

6. Then go to the login option and enter the required details and proceed.

Contacting the PNB Parivar HRMS customer care team

The staff may face issues while logging into the portal sometimes and this is common. They can reach out to the HRMS customer care to help you sort out the issue or assist you in sorting it out.

You can directly call them on the phone or write and send a letter, providing the details of your query and basic details of yourself so they can reach out to you.

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