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[IVRS] Change/Update Mobile Number in LPG Gas Account Online (Indane, HP, Bharat) – Step by Step Guide, Apply @

LPG gas cylinders are the finest way to cook food in all over India. With the digital revolution happening in India, once can register with the local LPG Distributor with a correct mobile number and local address proof in order to avail the subsequent delivery of LPG Cylinders whenever they are in need. This can be done through SMS or the IVRS Systems.

The LPG gas cylinders consumers will also be able to do  LPG Gas Booking Online. There are numerous LPG suppliers including Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Indane Gas), Hindustan Petroleum to name a few, in the Indian market which provides this way of cylinder booking. Consumer just have to log in to the LPG official portal at or SMS from the registered mobile phone.

Earlier the customers has been worried about booking LPG, they had to visit the gas agencies physically  in order to apply or update any changes related to gas connections. But now after all this process made online, the customers of the gas agencies will be able to apply gas connection, change/update their mobile number without going to the gas agencies.

The whole process will be done via IVRS Facility, therefore, the registered mobile number plays an important role for booking the LPG Cylinder through various vendors such as Indane, HP and Bharat. Today here in this article we will give you all the information about how you can Change Mobile Number LPG Gas Account Online. For this you will have to read this article completely.

Change and Update LPG Gas Account Online

In this article, we provide you the procedure to change and update the mobile Number in LPG Gas Account Online for Indane, HP and Bharat, Step by Step Guide to Apply the Gas Account Online.

Why Should you Register Phone/Mobile Number with LPG Distributor?

  • The major benefit of registering mobile numbers and phone numbers is to refill or book the cylinders via IVRS or SMS.
  • If the consumer register once with their mobile Number, the system then takes up all the gas booking process automatically through IVRS with less human interaction.
  • The consumer will get the SMS Alerts about all the transaction regarding gas booking.
  • Registered Mobile Number provides access to the consumer by which the bookings will continue only when they are done from registered mobile number only.

How to Change and Update the Mobile Number in LPG Gas Account Online (Indane, HP, Bharat)

In few times, the consumer might change change their registered mobile number or could lose their mobile number through other technical factors. In this event, the mobile number or SIM change is inevitable. It is then become mandatory to update or change the mobile number, which is linked with the gas agency.

Step by Step procedure to Change and Update Mobile Number, Apply [email protected]

If you want to Change and Update Mobile Number online on the LPG Gas Account Online, you have to follow these steps below.

Bharat Gas

  • The consumer of the Bharat Gas can download the application form from the official portal of Bharat Gas.
  • Once you find the application form from the portal, you have to download and print it.
  • After you have downloaded the application, fill it manually.
  • Here in this Registration Form, fill in your Consumer Number, Consumer Name, Mobile Number, Land Line Number and put your signature at the bottom of the form.
Bharat Gas Registration Form
Bharat Gas Registration Form
  • Once you have filled the form, submit it to the Distributor of Bharat Gas.
  • Now, your phone number will get updated after a few days.
  • After successful registration, you will be getting an SMS alert regarding the same on your registered mobile.


IVRS Method

For Indian gas, the procedure is different, here the provider will accept three phone numbers as your registered phone/mobile numbers.

  • The consumer will be able to change one of the mobile numbers via IVRS facility.
  • You need to dial the IVRS number from your registered mobile number, after which you have to choose the 4th option – “Change of Personal Registration Number” 
  • The computer will then ask you to provide your new personal registration number.
  • Once you have given that, the customers can use the updated mobile number to refill the cylinders.

SMS Method: Send SMS IOC<Space><STD Code+Distributor’s Telephone Number><space>Consumer Number

Online Method

In order to change your Change and Update Mobile Number online, you have to visit the profile page of the gas agency.


If you are an HPCL Gas Consumers, you can change your Change and Update Mobile Number online, follow these steps given below

  • With the help of IVRS System, the consumer of HP Gas Consumers can change and update their mobile numbers
  • Now, the consumer has to dial the concerned HP Anytime Number to get this service.
  • This IVRS number differs for different numbers which is dedicated to each state, and the customers can dial these numbers from their registered mobile numbers.

HP Any Time Numbers

HP Any Time Numbers
HP Any Time Numbers

SMS Method: Send SMS HP<Space><STD Code+Distributor’s Tel. Number><space>ConsumerNumber.

The customer can change or update the mobile number by visiting the profile page of the gas agency.

Note: In this instance, there is no online method available for the Bharat Gas.

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Change and Update LPG Gas Account Mobile Number Online FAQ’s

Which dealers provide the LPG Services to the customers in India?

The main dealers that provide the LPG Services in India are Bharat, HP and Indane.

Will I be able to reach the gas dealer offline and update or change my mobile number?

Yes, you can go to the offices of the agencies offline and change or update your mobile numbers.

What are the dealers that provide online services related to the change and update the mobile numbers?

The dealers that provide online services related to the change and update the mobile numbers are Indane and HPCL, However Bharat Gas doesn’t provide the facility for the online updation.

What is the major advantage of registering a mobile/phone number with gas dealers?

The significant advantage of registering mobile/phone number with gas dealers is that it minimizes the human interaction and books the LPG Cylinders automatically with the system.

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