Dharani Telangana online Land Record Check at dharani.telangana.gov.in Portal

The Government of Telangana has launched the Dharani, the Integrated Land Records Management System in the state. Today here in this article, we will be discussing about Dharani Telangana, Dharani Telangana Pahani, Land Record details on Dharani website telangana at dharani.telangana.gov.in land status, Dharani Telangana Contact number. So read this article from beginning to end.

Details of Dharani Telangana Land Record Portal

Name of the Portal Dharani Telangana
Launched by Government of Telangana
Objective To make land records available online
Category Telangana Govt Scheme
Official Website https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/

Dharani Land Record Portal

The Dharani Land Record Portal also has the NRI portal which provides various services in order to ease out the process for citizens to access land record online. Services like slot booking and cancellation, grievance redressal with respect to land matters and technical issues, ratification of registered documents, etc.

For the following land issues, you can submit the application on the Online Dharani platform

  1. Mutation
  2. NALA without passbook
  3. pending NALA
  4. PPB-court cases
  5. PPB-semi urban land
  6. Lease
  7. partition
  8. Succession
  9. NALA
  10. GPA or executed GPA
  11. PPB by institution
  12. Duplicate PPB

Apart from the above services, you can also use this portal for registering GPA, DAGPA, mortgage, registration of sale and gift, etc.

Why Dharani Website?

The Dharani Telangana Land Record portal has been launched to provide a easy and efficient doing land administration and its registration online. Here we list some of the highlights of Dharani

  • Dharani Telangana Land Record portal acts a single window which includes maintaining and updating of textual records, maps, survey, and settlement operations with registration of immovable property.
  • This portal provides the automatic activation for mutation once the registration is completed or if the concerned department or citizens requests.
  • All data related to land records are available online.
  • On real time, the textual data is being updated on the Dharani Telangana.
  • The Telangana Dharani website has a source of land transactional information like purchase, selling, mortgage, etc.

GPA and DGPA Required Documents

Incase GPA, DGPA, or AGPA linked with the agricultural lands were executed before the Dharani portal was launched, it is mandatory to submit an application again to make sure that they are valid in the Dharani portal now.

Here we list the details need for that application

  1. Property owner: Applicant’s name, father’s or husband’s name, age, gender, Aadhaar number, occupation
  2. Registration: Year of documentation, document number, SRO office
  3. GPA holder: Name, father’s or husband’s name, age, gender, Aadhaar number, validity period, type of deed
  4. Property: District name, mandal name, village name, survey number, khata number, PPB number, extent available and extent claimed
  5. Apart from these, the passbook copy needs to be uploaded on the Dharani portal as well.

How to Check Land Records Online on Telangana Portal

Follow these step by step procedure to check your Land Records Online in Telangana

  • First of all, you have to visit the Telangana official website by clicking here.
  • Once the homepage of the website open, Click on “Registered Document Details” option.
  • After this, you are asked to fill in district, Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), book type, registration year, and document number.
  • Now, you have to click on “Submit” or reset the information.
  • Finally, you will be able to check your land records.

Dharani Telangana Portal Services

The following are the services available on the Dharani Telangana Portal

  • Agriculture income certificate.
  • Succession/Mutation.
  • Duty and fee calculator.
  • Certified copy.
  • Encumbrance certificate.
  • Land conversion/NALA.
  • Land valuation certificate.
  • View receipts.
  • Track application.
  • View unit rates.
  • Public data entry.
  • Payment of registration services.
  • Encumbrance search.
  • Slot booking and rescheduling.

Check ROR-1B and Pahani Documents with Khata or Survey Number

Follow these step by step procedure given below to check ROR-1B and Pahani documents online with Khata or survey number

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Dharani Telangana
  • Once the homepage opens, fill in necessary details like district, division, mandal, village, and then enter the Khata number or survey number.
  • After entering all these details, click on “Get Details
  • In this way you will check the ROR-1B and Pahani Documents Online.

Application Status Check Procedure

In order to check the Application Status, you have follow the below steps

  • First, visit the official website of Dharani Telangana.
  • Once the homepage of the website open, click on “Application Status“.
  • After this fill in “Application Number” or the “Registration Document Number” in the given space.
  • Now, click on “Submit” button.
  • You will then see the status of your application on your screen.

Steps to see Registered Document Details Online

Follow these below steps to view registered documents on the Dharani portal

  • First, you have to go to Telangana land record website.
  • Fill in district, SRO (Sub-Registrar Office), book type, the registration year, and the document number in the space provided.
  • After this, solve the Captcha code and then click on “Submit” button.
  • In this way, you will view your Registered Document Details Online

How to Sign Up on Dharani Website

Follow these steps below to Sign Up on the Dharani Website

  • First of all, go to the Telangana website.
  • Once the homepage of the website open, click on “Click Here’ to avail Dharani Citizen Services” at the bottom of the page.
  • After this, a new page will open where you have to fill in the below details
  1. Name
  2. Mobile number
  3. Email ID
  4. State
  5. District
  6. Mandal
  7. Village/city
  8. Address
  9. Pincode
  • Once it is done, click “Get OTP” button.
  • After successful sign-up, you will be able to login using username and password.

How to Login to the Dharani Website

Follow these steps below to sign in to the Dharani website.

  • First go to official Dharani Website at https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/about?servicesType=s#.
  • Once you see the homepage, click on “Login
  • Now, you will see the login form where you will be asked to enter “User Type” (bank/citizen/department), ‘Username’, and the password.
  • Once it is done, solve the captcha code and then hit “Login
  • In this way, you will login to the Dharani Website

How to Apply for EC through Dharani Portal

If you to apply for Encumbrance Certificate (EC) via Dharani website, you have to follow the below steps

  • First, go to the Dharani Portal at https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/about?servicesType=s#
  • After this, log using your credentials.
  • Now, you have to choose services such as the EC of your property.

Process to Get Certified Copy of Webland Telangana

To download the certified copy of your Webland Telangana form, you need to follow the below steps

  • Go to official Telangana government website.
  • Once you see the homepage click on “Government Form
  • After this, from the list of form opens on your screen, click on one according to your preference.
  • Now, fill in all the necessary details and then download it
  • Next, submit the filled form along with the necessary documents to the nearest tehsil
  • Finally, you will receive the certified copy of the documents.

How to Download Land Distribution Report

Follow these below steps to download the land distribution report

  • First of all. go to official Telangana government website.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on “Land Distribution Report
  • After this, fill in all the required information and then click on “Generate” button.
  • In the end, the report gets downloaded on your device which you can take a printout

Procedure to Link Aadhaar

If you want to link your Aadhaar card then follow the below steps

  • Open Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • Download the app for UID seeding from Google Play Store
  • On the search bar, type “UID seeding” and search.
  • After this, click on the first result and download it.
  • Once it is downloaded, open it and then login to the account.
  • After logging in, click on “Seed Aadhaar
  • Now enter Aadhar number, Pattadar’s mobile number.
  • After this you will get a notification like “Aadhar seeding successfully finished”.
  • Next, enter all the required information and then click on “Sign out

Procedure to check Survey No Pending for Clearance

Follow these steps mentioned below to check the survey for no pending for clearance

  • First, go to official website of Telangana government.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on “Citizen Service Corner
  • After this, click on “Know your land status”, and then on “Record of Rights (ROR)”.
  • Next, select “Survey Numbers Pending for Clearance” and then fill the following
  1. Survey number
  2. Village
  3. Mandal
  4. Division
  5. District and etc.
  • Solve the captcha code and then click on ”Get Details”.
  • Finally, you will see the required details on your screen.

Check Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas

Follow the steps given below to check the cadastral maps of rural areas

  • First, go to official website of Telangana government
  • After this, hover to ”Citizen Service’‘ section and then click on “Know your land status
  • Now, click “Cadastral Maps of Rural Areas
  • After this, a new page will open, here in this page, select village name, mandal name, division name, district name, etc.
  • Now, you will see a map on your screen.

Check Property Tax Payment Details Online

  • Go to Telangana government official website and then once homepage opens, click on “Know your land status” option.
  • After thus, click on ”Property Tax Payment Details” and then choose one option from the four listed
  1. GHMC Property Tax” enter your circle number, village name, PTIN, owner’s name, door number, and captcha code
  2. GHMC Vacant Land Tax”, enter the circle number, village name, VLT number, vendee’s name, vendor’s name, plot number, SY number, as well as the captcha code
  3. CDMA Property Tax”, enter your district name, ULB, house or assessment number, and captcha code
  4. CDMA Vacant Land Tax”, enter your district name, ULB, assessment number or survey number, plot number, and the captcha code
  • After choosing the above, click on “Search
  • In the end, you will see the relevant information on your screen.

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