TSGLI Bond Telangana Download, Tsgli Policy Bond Status Check at Tsgli.telangana.gov.in

The Government of Telangana has introduced a government employee only saving named TSGLI Bond. All Government employees working in the state will be able to take advantage of this scheme. From the employees salary about 4%-20% fixed is deducted for the TSGLI. Today in this article, we will provide you with all information related to TSGLI Bond Scheme, Tsgli Policy Bond Details Status Check at Tsgli.telangana.gov.in. So read this article completely.

Overview of TSGLI Bond

Scheme NameTelangana State Government Life Insurance scheme
Launched byGovernment of Telangana
ObjectiveTo provide life insurance
BeneficiariesAll Government Employees in the state
CategoryTelangana Govt Scheme
Official Websitehttp://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Tsgli_bond.aspx

What is TSGLI Bond?

The full form of TSGLI of Telangana State Government Life Insurance scheme. It was launched in 1907. Previously this scheme was called as pension fund and then changed into Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance fund (1956) and now TSGLI.

TSGLI Bond Portal

On the official TSGLI Bond Portal, you will be able to access services like policy details, account slips, downloading policy bonds, and more. The official website link for the TSGLI Bond is http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in. Use the TSGLI portal’s search feature to find out your policy number and status. You can deliver the letter to the department head once you locate the information about your policy bond (DDO)

TSGLI Policy Number Check

Follow these step by step procedure to know the TSGLI Policy Number

  • First, you have to go to the TSGLI web portal at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/.
TSGLI Bond Telangana
Tsgli Policy Search
  • After this, a new page will open where you have to fill in the following details
  1. Policy Holder Name
  2. Father’s name
  3. Date of birth.
  • Solve the captcha code and then click on the “Retrieve policy no” button.
  • Your policy number and name will appear on the screen after the system has verified the information.

How to check TSGLI policy details?

Follow these steps given below to check TSGLI policy details

  • First, visit the official website of TSGLI Bond at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/.
  • On the homepage, Click on the “Policy Details” box.
  • After this, enter your TSGLI policy number and date of birth and the security code in the given space.
Tsgli Policy Details
  • Once you are done, click on the “View Details” button.
  • Your TSGLI policy details will be displayed on your screen.

TSGLI Policy Bond 2022 Download

If you want to TSGLI Policy Bond online then follow these steps given below

  • First, go to the TSGLI Policy Bond official website at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in.
  • Once you see the homepage of the website, look for the TSGLI policy bond link
  • Direct Link: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Tsgli_bond.aspx
  • After you click this link, a new page will open in front of you.
  • In this page, enter your policy number and enter the suffix EX. A, B, C, D in the correct space.
  • Next, solve the captcha code and then hit “Get policy bond” button.
  • Note: You should not press the enter button, and also the pop-up blocker tab should be turned on.

Details of TSGLI Policy Bond

  1. Name
  2. Father Name
  3. Age At Entry
  4. Sum Assured
  5. Date of Commencement of Risk
  6. Date of Birth (DOB)
  7. Date of Proposal
  8. Date Of Declaration
  9. Proposal Number
  10. TSGLI Policy Number
  11. Monthly Premium
  12. Employee Designation
  13. Office Address
  14. Monthly Premium Due Last Date
  15. Policy Date of Maturity
  16. Nominee Name & Nominee Age
  17. Nominee father Name
  18. Relationship and Share

How to check TSGLI Policy Status?

Follow these steps below to check the status of TSGLI Bond Policy

  • Go to TSGLI Policy official website at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on the “TSGLI Policy Status” box.
  • After the policy status page will appear on your screen.
  • Now, fill in the policy number, applicant’s name or your name in the space provided.
  • Next, you have to choose between the following options.
  1. Issue of policy
  2. Loan
  3. Claim.
  • Select the financial years from the list on the page, then enter the captcha code. 
  • Recheck the information, then select “View details.
  • The page will show the current status of the policy on the screen.
  • Save the information for future use.

How to check for Missing Credits at TSGLI Portal?

The concerned employee should provide documentation or other proof of the missing credits in order to clear up any outstanding credits. They must provide the relevant DDO with the amount deducted, month, year, loan instalment, token number, and other information.

  • Go to the TSGLI website page at http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on the “Annual Account Slip” option.
Tsgli Annual Slip
  • After this, you will have to fill in your TSGLI policy number.
  • Now, select the financial year and then enter the generated number on the page.
  • Verify all the details once and then hit the “View Report” button. 
  • Finally, you will see the financial year statement on your screen. 
  • When presenting the DDO offer for reimbursement, save the document. 
  • Check your TSGLI account information frequently to avoid the missing credit factor. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify the information that’s missing and inform your department head.

Points to Remember

  1. The TSGLI policies are available to TS government employees between the ages of 21 and 53.
  2. When the policies are fully matured, the TSGLI department makes them available (58 years).
  3. The fair policy premium rates are exempt from income tax (section 80C).
  4. The excellent bonus rate for TSGLI policies is Rs. 100 for every Rs. 1000.
  5. Employees are authorised to borrow money at 90% of the surrender value with an annual interest rate of 9%.
  6. Employees who leave their positions with the government and stop making contributions to the policy. They will get their policy’s surrender value and bonus.
  7. In the event of the policyholder’s death, the TSGLI department will make payments to any nominees or heirs. They will be given their entire savings plus any bonuses accrued up until the date of death.
  8. Policyholders should designate an heir or nominee to receive their savings in the event of their demise.

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What is the official website of TSGLI Bond Scheme?

The TSGLI Bond Scheme official website is http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Tsgli_bond.aspx.

What is the eligibility for the TSGLI scheme?

All Government employees in the state of Telangana who are between 21 to 53 are eligible for the TSGLI scheme.

What is the full form of TSGLI?

The full form of TSGLI is Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department.

When may the policyholder make a savings claim?

Only after reaching the retirement age of 58 years can the TSGLI policyholder or employee gain access to the funds. In the event of the policyholder’s passing, the nominee may also be given the sum.

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