How to find State bank of India CIF Number

If you have a bank account in the State bank of India and are looking for your CIF number, then this article will be helpful for you. Commonly there are two cases when an account holder looks for their CIF number, when they want to activate internet banking and when they want to transfer their account to another branch from the earlier one. You can find your CIF number offline as well as online and both the methods are mentioned in this article below.

The CIF number of the State bank of India is printed on the first page of the passbook. You can find it exactly above your bank account number. In case you don’t have a passbook you can also look for it on the top part of your bank account statement.

What is the Meaning of the CIF number?

A customer information file (CIF) is a file that stores all the information of a customer’s or an account holder’s personal and account information. This number allows banks and businesses to view the customer’s account for different purposes to maintain the relationship, but not any kind of confidential data and the account type can be accessed with the help of the CIF number. 

Find the CIF Number of State bank of India?

Using your bank passbook You can see the CIF number printed on the first page of your passbook. 

  1. Using a bank account statement

This is the online method to check your CIF number. You should first have access to internet banking. If you haven’t already activated your internet banking, then you should activate your internet banking to access the account statement.

Below mentioned are the steps by which you can find the State bank of India’s CIF number using a bank account statement:

State bank of India CIF Number
  • Enter your username and password, and click on “Login“.
  • Click on “Download or View your Account Statement“.
  • Once you are able to view your account statement, you can find your CIF number mentioned in the statement.

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These were the two methods by which you can find your CIF number and proceed. It is so easy to find your CIF number and you don’t actually have to visit your bank branch physically to get the CIF number. For the online method, it is important to activate internet banking for your account, as without internet banking it is impossible to access the CIF number. 

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