Food Odisha Portal 2022 Farmer Registration for Ration Card

Through the Ration Card, the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department of Odisha State offers its residents several advantages. The National Food Security Act and the State Food Security Scheme are two distinct programs that the Odisha government may launch for the benefit of its people.

By investing more than 500 crores annually to meet the needs, this scheme helped over lakhs of residents of the state. The dealers may find the transportation vehicle and the delivery of cars using these official websites, allowing the government to even track the distribution of rice and other important items.

Details of Food Odisha Portal

NameFood Odisha, India
Launched inOdisha
ObjectiveEcosystem for food security guarantees entitlements to maximum risk of hunger
Consumer Advice Center18003456760
Central Helpdesk7328812603, 7328812605, 7328812608
CategoryOdisha Govt Scheme

They offer different benefits via this program, including free rations and other food item subsidies to everyone. Following the number of beneficiaries listed on the food security card, 5 kg of rice was given to each qualifying applicant for a fee of just INR 1.

Food Security Scheme Odisha Features

Below mentioned are some important features provided to the citizens of Odisha by the state government through the FS card:

  1. Rice will only cost INR 1 when purchased using an FS card.
  2. Rice will only cost INR 1 when purchased using an FS card.
  3. 5 kilograms of rice per head would be available for each beneficiary.
  4. Scheme governed by the 2013 National Food Security Act.

Food Odisha Ration Card Eligibility Criteria

Families wanting to avail the benefits of ration card in Odisha should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Families that live in a rented house rather than their own RCC house.
  2. Unsupported widowed families and single widows
  3. A family head who has a 40% disability is eligible for the program
  4. Elderly people over 60 who are not receiving regular support.
  5. Families that receive no regular financial assistance.
  6. Anybody afflicted with HIV, leprosy, or another serious illness.

Apply for Odisha Food Security Online 2022

If you live in the state of Odisha, you can apply for the Food Security Odisha card and receive the benefits based on your eligibility. Below mentioned are the steps to be followed to issue a new card:

  • Visit the official website of Food Odisha –
  • Click on “Apply for a New Card” option.
  • Select the option “Click here to fill & submit application form” and the application form will appear.
  • Enter your address as same on the government ID card.
  • Click Next and enter all the required details for the ration card.
  • Again click “Next” to fill in the details of the family members.
  • Click on “Submit“.
  • The Food Odisha card application is submitted and will undergo a verification process to issue the card.

How to Add a Member to Food Odisha Ration Card?

The beneficiary can use the Add Member link to access the Food Security update if the family with a ration card missed a member or welcomed a new baby.

Food Odisha Portal
  • Select addition of member and then click on “Proceed“.
  • Enter the details of the new member after entering your ration card number
  • Fill in all the required details such as Aadhar card number, etc.
  • Click on the “Update” button and the details would be submitted to the ration card
  • After a quick verification from the Ration card department, the Food security Odisha card would be updated with the new member details.

Odisha Food Security Card Download

  • Click on the download ration card option from the official website’s menu.
  • Click on “Click here to Download the Ration Card“.
  • Enter your mobile number or the acknowledgment number.
  • Click on the download ration card and then click on the “Download” button.

How to Apply Dry Ration to Odisha Migrant Labor/Workers?

All migrants who hold a Food Security Card that is currently valid in any state in the NFSA are covered by the program, as also those who do not hold a card but are employed in Odisha.

Those who do not have a ration card can reach out to the following

  • PEO of gram panchayat in a rural area
  • A community organizer at an urban area

After conducting an investigation, the responsible supervising officer will indicate the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department to approve and distribute the food grains.

Odisha Farmer Portal Registration Online

  • Visit the official website of Food Odisha –
  • In the left side column, click on the “Farmer Registration” option.
  • Click on the “Farmer registration form“.
  • Fill out the details by downloading the form
  • Submit the form to the responsible authority along with the required documents
  • After verifying the details, the authority will allocate a farmer code

Odisha Farmer Registration Status Check

Food Security Scheme Odisha
  • Click on “Search by farmer code” and enter the farmer code allotted by the authority.
  • Select district, block, village, etc.
  • Click on “Show” and you will be able to see the current status.

Important Links of Food Security Odisha

One platform for both food providers and beneficiaries is Food Security Odisha. As a result, the portal contains a number of direct links that can be utilized to access the benefit and sign up for Food Security Odisha immediately.

Below are some important links that can be found on the official website for both dealers as well as farmers:

  • Get an allotment order status report and monthly allocation information.
  • Get a list of dealers, and search for dealers, card positions, and wholesalers.
  • Status, Farmer-Based Payments, and Procurement Societies.
  • Transparency through SMS Transaction Report and Report for AC Notes.
  • Millers receive CMR report and rice delivery date.
  • Verified Farmer Registration, Procurement, and Farmer Registration Status.
  • Along with the VR status report, EC, and DC report.


Whom can we add in Ration cards in the future?

If a family has a newborn baby after the marriage and is poor, they can add their newborn baby to ration cards in the future.

Can we delete the Food Security Odisha Card?

Yes, we can delete the food security Odisha card anytime. If families don’t fall under the scheme or no longer need support from the government, then they can delete the card.

Does Food Odisha Security card valid for every family?

No, the Food Odisha security card is valid for only those families that are considered poor families and those who fall under the eligibility criteria. It is required to submit the income certificates and other documents during the registration process

How many quantity of rice is given to a family of 5 members through a Odisha Ration card?

The family of five members can receive a total of 25 kg of rice per month as each member is allowed 5 kg of rice per month at a rate of 1 Rs. 

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